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Here at APCO Pool Specialties we are always evolving and growing, which is why we are also always looking for individuals interested in a career in the pool industry. Experience is not necessary, though any type of pool knowledge will help. If you are interested in joining one of the finest pool companies in the area, please take a few minutes and read through our descriptions of individuals we are looking to employ.

Minimal requirements 

  • Able to lift at least 80lbs
  • Reading and writing with proper English grammar
  • Good problem solving skills along with a never quit attitude
  • Transportation to and from work everyday
  • General knowledge of construction instruments and hand tools

What to expect

If I may, I would like to explain to you what a typical day at APCO entails. Everyone must arrive at our building no later than 6:15 am and be clocked in with your proper time card.  Then we all meet to discuss the day’s jobs. This will consist of us laying out the days schedule for each team and also discussing the previous day’s work.  After the meeting is over, each team will load up their respective vehicle with all needed supplies and equipment for the day.  Then it is off to work!  Depending on what type of jobs are scheduled (openings, service calls and or large construction, etc.) you may have one stop or you may have multiple.  Remember that if you follow your crew leaders directions and work as a team everything will go smooth. After completing the final task of day and making sure to call into the office and check on the other teams, it is time to head back to the warehouse. The vehicle is cleaned and restocked and any and all paperwork is delivered to the office.

Being a seasonal business we must get the job done whenever possible.  This often entails odd hours, long days and weekend work.  This is mandatory.  Our work season is from sometime in March until sometime in November and is driven by the weather. A typical work week can range from 35hours to 60 hours or more.  This is dependent on the person’s skills, the weather, and the work load for the week.

When coming in for your interview

  • Please be sure to bring all photo ID
  • Be prepared to be administered a drug screening
  • Resumes are not required but it would help if you could provide one

Entry Level (no pool knowledge is required)

  • Must be punctual and always available for work
  • Must be able to fill out minor forms and also comprehend all paperwork associated with the customer.
  • Willing to get hands dirty, using a shovel or a wheelbarrow
  • Good support system for their crew leader
  • Willingness to learn and somebody who is looking for advancement 

Technician/Crew leader

  • Someone with basic to advanced knowledge of vinyl liner swimming pools
  • Ability to maintain good relationships with customers and all other employees
  • Has good trouble shooting skills and the ability to multi-task when required
  • Willingness to take responsibility for completion of assigned tasks and individuals assigned to them
  • Has basic automobile knowledge, (checking oil, tire pressure) and will treat APCO’s work vehicle and tools like it was their own 

Hopefully this will educate you as to the type of persons we are looking for here at APCO Pools.  Please feel free to email or call and ask for Patty, or Alan if you have any question or need more information. Thanking you in advance for making APCO Pools such a great place to work.

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  • The men that came out were awesome, they did a great job.

    Dr. Jason M.
  • Team was extremely professional and did an outstanding job.

    Mike W.
  • Extremely happy with the cover and the crew, they were great and very informative.

    Richard D.
  • Thanks for a great season with the pool, all the work you guys and girls did was great.

    Charlie M.
  • Thank you for all your work and help, you have gained a customer for life.

    Thomas and Janie S.

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