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Filtration Equipment

filterationEquiThe pump, filter, and associated equipment may be the smallest part your pool but if not sized, installed, or used properly it will undoubtedly be the source of the most and the biggest headaches.

Every pool must have a pump and a filter to keep the water clear.  There are three main types of filters; Diatomaceous earth (DE), Sand, and Cartridge.  Each of these has pros and cons that can either make it the ideal filter for your pool or your worst nightmare.  Each of these filters also comes in many sizes and variations for different specific applications.

Pumps do not come in as many styles but do have different variations like horse power ratings, service factors, head pressure, and energy efficiency ratings.  When installed and used properly they make the filtration system easy to maintain. New safety codes such as the Virginia Gramme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act may even require a special pump if you have a drain at the bottom of the pool.

To properly select a pump and filter many factors must be considered, such as the size of the pool, the bather load, the distance from the pool to the filtration equipment, and the size and quantity of the plumbing lines.

Every pool should also have a timer to turn the pump on and off automatically each day.  This is important to keeping the chemicals balanced and the pool clear.

The easiest way to keep chemicals balanced is to install an automatic chlorine dispenser.  These must be installed properly and not modified by the homeowner or they can cause extensive damage to the underground plumbing lines.  Better yet is a salt water chlorine generation system.  No, it’s not a salt water pool!  It is barely detectable to taste, but the water clarity and convenience are incredible.

Everybody likes a warm pool but most pools do not have heaters.  If you are interested in heating your pool let APCO advise you on the many types of heaters available.  Each type; natural gas, propane, electric heat pump, or solar all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

This is typically more than any home owner can decipher.  You’ve already had to think about pool liners, protective covers, and pool coping. Add to this already dizzying array of choices, the control valves, safety devices, and automation equipment and the combination are endless.  Which ones are right for your pool, your budget, and your style?  Even many pool companies lack the experience to understand all of the options and implication of each.  That’s where APCO Pool Specialties come in.  We have the knowledge and experience to make your pool easy to take care of and virtually maintenance free.

At APCO, we’re experts at pool renovations, and we provide pool service to customers throughout Bucks County and Montgomery County. Contact us for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

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