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Five Winning Types of Inground Pool Renovations

Pool renovations can take a variety of forms. Depending on your needs, your budget, and the space you have available, the sky is potentially the limit when it comes to turning a standard inground pool into your backyard dream.

Here are a few types of pool renovations you may want to consider.

Change the shape. Many people find standard rectangular pools boring, and hope to change the shape to something more exciting or interesting. But a shape change by itself might not be enough to justify a whole pool renovations project. Think about combining the change in shape with a change in another feature of the pool.

Change the depth. You may want to do this if you use your pool for exercise, or if you have children who are getting older and need more space when they’re swimming. A contracting firm specializing in pool renovations will be able to make your pool deeper or shallower.

Make it bigger. If you’re thinking about changing the shape of your pool as part of a spate of pool renovations, you may also want to think about changing the size. If you’re going for a kidney shape, for instance, that may be a good opportunity to increase the size of your pool. You can also make the pool smaller, if you’d like to — for example — make your garden bigger, or put in a barbecue pit.

Add lighting. Nothing beats a good nighttime swim on a hot summer evening. But if your pool isn’t well-lit, nightswimming is no fun at all. Adding lighting features, either inside the pool itself or around the decking, is a great way to make your pool available to you 24 hours a day.

Add other features. There’s any number of pool renovations you can make. You can change the decking around your pool. You can add a diving board or a slide. You can add greenery or other landscaping. The possibilities are limitless.

At APCO, we’re experts at pool renovations, and we provide pool service to customers in Bucks County and Montgomery County. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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