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Pool Leak Repair in Bucks County and Montgomery County

APCO personnel performing leak test.

APCO personnel performing leak test.

Some things in life are inevitable—and one of them is leaks in older inground vinyl pools.

If you think you have a leak, don’t panic! Contact us, APCO Pools personnel are trained in the leak detection process from initial data collection through finding and repairing the leaks.  We have invested in the newest state of the art electronic and computerized leak detection equipment.  This is the most advanced technology available for leak detection.  This is not the old-fashioned dive-the-pool-and-hope-you-find-all-the-leaks method still used by many companies today.

Why APCO?  APCO Pools specializes in the leak detection and repair of leaks in inground vinly pools and other swimming pools.  Many leak detection companies will find leaks in swimming pools but depending on where the leak is located they may not offer the services or have the ability to repair the leak they have found.  APCO Pools is a full service inground pool repair, pool service and pool renovations company.  We have the ability to repair all the leaks in your swimming pool whether it is in the vinyl pool liner, underground plumbing lines, or filtration equipment.

We can also walk you through some simple steps to determine for yourself whether you’ve got a real leak or if the sun just happens to be stealing your water. We have equipment that can allow us to measure how much water is being lost in real time. This equipment is so sensitive that we can distinguish between water lost due to a leak, and water loss due to evaporation.  If it turns out that you do have a leak, our equipment will allow us to find those leaks even if they are as small as a pinhole in a liner.  We have additional equipment that allows us to identify and locate leaks in underground plumbing lines.  When our technicians have found all leaks, our computerized equipment will confirm that your pool is no longer leaking.

When it comes to the leaks we’ve found we’ll discuss your options and the pros and cons of the repair process for each.

APCO personnel replacing a plumbing line without the removal of any concrete decking.

APCO personnel replacing a plumbing line without the removal of any concrete decking.

For example, the average replacement age of a vinyl pool liner is about 10 years. So if your liner is approaching that age, and you have a leak, you have a choice. You can either have us or someone else chase down the leak, or you can install a new liner. We will do whatever you choose, but you need to get the leak fixed as quickly as possible to avoid any further damage. It is also important to realize that if a liner is aging, future leaks are likely to be more frequent.

Unfortunately, when some pool companies hear that your pool is 10 years old, they will instantly tell you that you need a new liner, often without even coming out to look at your pool. In fact, there are some pool companies that do liner replacements and nothing else.  They advertise “leak detection” just so they can sell you a new liner. So, of course, a new liner is their answer to every problem. We think this is “madness,” to say the least.

New pool liners should never be the answer for a leaking pool unless you are reasonably certain of the source of the leak and that the new liner will repair the leak.

But what if it isn’t the liner that’s leaking? The leak could be in the conduit pipe feeding one of the pool lights. Or it could be in the plumbing or filtration system.  It could even be in the steps.  Whatever the leak we have the equipment and experience to find it wherever it may hide.

These are the kinds of preventative steps other pool and leak detection companies either can’t or won’t take.

So, if you find that you have to add several inches of water to your pool on a regular basis, give us a call. We’ll help you determine whether you really have a leak or not. And if you do, we’ll explain what can be done about it, what each option will cost, and the pros and cons of each course of action.
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