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Vinyl Pool Liners: Replace, Repair, Install, Renovate in Bucks and Montgomery County

There is at least as much art to replacing pool liners as there is science. At APCO we carefully measure each and every pool, but knowing what to do with those measurements when ordering your liner is where our expertise comes in. This is done to ensure the best possible fit of the liner and a finished product that we are proud of.  And the myth that replacement pool liners will have some wrinkles is not true; properly measured, manufactured, and installed pool liners should not have wrinkles.

Thicker pool liners (27, 28, 30, or 40 mils) are available, but they generally do not last any longer than standard pool liners (20 mils). Ten to twelve years is the average replacement age of all pool liners, regardless of thickness. Thicker pool liners may be slightly more resistant to punctures and leaks under certain conditions, but there is absolutely no guarantee that they will last any longer or have any fewer leaks than standard 20 mil pool liners. The manufacturing process is the same for each and they will not fade any different.  In fact, the warranty is exactly the same for either thickness. The liner in our own pool is a standard 20 mil liner.

Just as important as thickness when choosing pool liners is to select a pattern that you like and won’t mind looking at for the next 10 or more years.  Having a pool with a thicker liner that you don’t like to look at is only going to make you want to replace it sooner.

Different liner manufacturers also deal with linered pool steps in different ways. If you have liner covered steps, and your liner installer is not familiar with these variations, you may discover that the liner will start separating from the steps as you and your family begin to use them.

We carry pool liners by several manufacturers and that each has an extensive collection of pool liners with patterns and designs sure to please any taste. Click on a liner manufacturer, Garrett, Merlin, or Performance to see their pattern selection or view our liner gallery here.

People assume that replacing a pool liner will take a week or more. So they put it off even if they have a leak. They would rather add water for a month or more than replace their leaky liner mid-season.  This wastes money and may cause additional repair costs.  At APCO the liner installation usually takes from 1-3 days.

We at APCO believe in the quality of our liners and the skill of our installation workmanship so much that we offer an extended and expanded warranty plan for the liner that is over and above the manufacturer’s warranty.  Contact us for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

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