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Pool Service: Adding Diatomaceous Earth to Your Filter

A diatomaceous earth filter — often referred to as a DE filter — is very different from typical sand filters or cartridge filters, and is among the most efficient and effective types of pool filter on the market. DE filters are able to trap the smallest particles floating in your pool.

Adding DE to a filter isn’t hard. But there’s a process to it, and if you’re thinking about switching to  a DE filter, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the kind of pool service you’ll need to be doing when you make the switch.

Here are the steps to winning swimming pool maintenance.

Backwash the pool filter. Use a hose to flush out all of the debris in the filter. Reversing the flow of water in the filter will agitate any leaves, yard waste or other debris that’s worked its way in there over the past few weeks. Then remove the filter and dip it in a bucket of water to rinse it off.

Measure the DE. The filter itself should indicate how much DE you should add to it. But you should actually add a little less — because some DE residue will stick to the inside of the filter, there will always be a little bit left inside. Add about half a cup less than the amount listed on the filter.

Add the DE. Use a scoop or an empty can to take the DE from its container. Use the pool’s skimmer to add it to the filter itself. Avoid touching the DE with your hands.

Check the levels. You shouldn’t see any DE coming out of your filter’s return.

Go for a swim! Now that you’ve added DE to your filter, swimming pool maintenance should be somewhat simpler. A DE filter will remove smaller particles and make your pool’s water — and your vinyl pool liner — much cleaner.

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