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Pool Service: Cleaning Murky or Cloudy Pool Water

Have you noticed that the water in your pool is murky, cloudy or discolored? Swimming in ugly water is no fun, but don’t fret; finding a solution is easier than you think. The problem may be simply that you haven’t engaged in a regular pool service regimen, and you might be able to clear up the pool water simply by skimming, adding the right chemicals, or running your filter more often.

But you may need professional pool service to solve the problem. Here’s a quick checklist to find out whether you’re treating your pool right. It’s important to note, though, that cloudy or murky pool water can have a wide variety of causes, and that it might be best to contact a pool service professional who has an eye for these sorts of things.

Test your pool water’s pH, hardness and chlorine levels. Any pool supply store will sell test strips, so that you can determine things like acidity vs/ alkalinity, calcium content, and chlorine level. An imbalance of any one of these things may cause cloudy or discolored water. Your chlorine level should be about one to three parts per million; the pH should be roughly 7.4; and your calcium hardness level should be between 200 and 350 parts per million.

Check your filters. Make sure water is flowing steadily through the filters; clean the whole system, including the baskets. When you’ve finished cleaning it, run it continuously for 24 to 48 hours.

Use your pool. Sometimes poor water circulation can promote algae growth, and the best way to make sure the water in your pool is well-circulated is to use it regularly. But that’s why you bought the pool, isn’t it?

Make sure you or your neighbor aren’t using harsh lawn chemicals or sprays. These substances can find their way into your pool water.

Use a shock treatment to eliminate any algae growth. Algae can turn your pool water an unpleasant green color. A good chlorine shock treatment should get rid of the problem, unless it’s gotten so bad that your water is nearly opaque.

Keep your pool covered in inclement weather, and uncovered when it’s sunny out. Frequent, heavy rains can adversely affect your pool’s content; so can a lack of direct sunlight.

Skim and vacuum your pool regularly. This way you eliminate any organic debris before it can dissolve, stain your pool’s floor or walls, or promote algae growth.

Call the pool service professionals at Apco. We’ve been solving pool problems in Bucks and Montgomery counties for years. We can help you eliminate any clouds or discoloration in your water.

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