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Pool Service: How to Clean Your Filters

Your pool’s filter is its best defense against algae and other damaging microorganisms. It also maintains the comfort level of your pool and helps to extend the life of your pool equipment. Keeping the filter clean is an important part of regular pool service.

But before you begin this aspect of your pool service regimen, it’s important to know what kind of filter you’re using. With that in mind, here’s a tutorial on cleaning the three most popular types of pool filters.

Cleaning a sand filter. Clean this type of filter by flushing water back through the system about every four weeks or so (follow your system’s instructions to find out how to do this). Replace the sand every three to five years; the exact frequency will depend on the size of your pool, the amount of use it gets, and what kinds of airborne particles are in your local environment.

Cleaning a cartridge filter. When you buy your filter, make sure it’s a high quality one. Pool service with a paper filter will only result in a useless filter. When it’s time to clean the filter, remove it from the assembly and spray it with a garden hose. Do this immediately after removing the filter; letting it dry will allow debris to dry into the filter’s soft parts.

Cleaning a diatomaceous earth filter. These filters are among the most efficient on the market, trapping some of the smallest particles out there. To clean it, take it apart according to the instructions that come with the filter, taking care to remember where each piece goes Once it’s disassembled, the filter’s “grids” will be exposed; take these out and hose them down individually, using a nozzle with a narrow spray to knock out all the particulate matter. Then hose off each individual component as well.

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