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Pool Service: The Basics Of Draining Your Pool

If you’re a pool owner, at some point you’ll find yourself in a situation that demands draining your pool. Whether it’s to switch pool liners, or clean up a stain, or perform some other form of swimming pool maintenance, you’ll need to drain your pool someday. Here’s a primer on how to do it.

Should you drain the pool? If you have a fiberglass pool, you may not be able to drain it, since the decrease in pressure that drainage causes may damage the pool. If you have a concrete pool, you should be able to drain it.

Find the nearest sewer drain. It’s not a good idea to just let your pool drain into your yard — imagine what all of that water could do to your backyard, or your home’s foundation, if dumped all at once. So you’ll need to locate a stormwater drain to get rid of the water. If there’s not one nearby, you can let the water run down the street to the nearest one.

Submerge the sump pump. In order to drain your pool, you’ll need a pump; gravity and siphoning won’t do the trick. You can get a sump pump at a hardware store for less than a hundred dollars. You may be able to rent one as well. You’ll also need a hose long enough to reach the spot you’ll be draining to. Once it’s ready, submerge the pump in the water completely.

Pump it out! It’ll take a while, so you’ll be able to tend to some other household chores. But keep an eye on the process to make sure the pump is still working and the hose hasn’t developed any kinks or leaks.

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