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One of two lights found defective while inspecting a pool. Repair to replace both lights and electrical work was almost $2000.

One of two lights found defective while inspecting a pool. Cost to replace both lights and electrical work was almost $2000.

APCO Pool Specialties highly recommends that all real estate transactions that involve a swimming pool receive a pool inspection — and, potentially, swimming pool repairs — before the purchase is made.

Inspections for a real estate transaction include a thorough evaluation of the pool and filtration system followed up with a written report.  A leak detection test is also performed to understand if the pool structure, plumbing, filtration equipment, or any auxiliary devices are losing water.  Based on the result of this test, additional tests may be recommended to further understand the location, cause, and extent of the damage the leak has caused.

If the buyer is new to swimming pool repairs we also offer an indoctrination or orientation for them after they move in.  This allows them to overcome their fears of maintaining a pool and learn how to operate their pool system properly from the beginning.

APCO often receives phone calls from homeowners who have recently purchased a home without a pool inspection and they think it is leaking.  Or maybe they do not know if the filter works.  Sometimes the pool was covered when the house went to settlement and they never even saw the pool opened and operating.  Now they can’t believe how bad it looks and they don’t know what to do, or if it is even salvageable!

These horror stories are far too common and very preventable if a pool inspection had been performed.  A homeowner would never think of buying a home without a home or termite inspection, but rarely do they get the pool inspected.  Having this information while still being able to negotiate with the seller often saves the buyer thousands of dollars and countless headaches.

At APCO, we’re experts at pool inspections, and we provide pool service to customers all over Bucks County and Montgomery County. Give us a call today for a free estimate. Contact us for additional information or to schedule an appointment for general swimming pool repairs or an inspection.

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