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Safety Covers: Sales and Installation in Bucks County and Montgomery County

Although safety covers are marketed and known for their safety they are more often loved for their convenience. If measured, manufactured, and installed correctly, a safety cover will be virtually maintenance free and a joy to look at all winter long even if you live in the woods. And keeping a cover on your pool during the off-season will eliminate the need for costly swimming pool repairs later on.

Before - Messy tarp cover

Before – Messy tarp cover

APCO Pools recommends a safety cover after evaluating each customer’s particular site conditions and the home owner’s preferences.  Is your pool a freeform pool with a raised spill-over-spa and water features with custom stone decking?  Or is it a typical rectangle with regular concrete decking?  Do you live on a farm or in the middle of a development?

We’re pool service and equipment experts. There are many different installation products and techniques and knowing when to apply which one is where our expertise comes in.  We are experienced in the design and installation of safety covers on everything from the average residential and custom pools to large public commercial swimming pools.  We have even installed covers at water treatment plants when other pool companies would not even quote the job due to the large number of obstructions and non-standard decking.

The mesh safety cover is the most common type of safety cover among existing pools.  This is primarily due to it having been around the longest.  It is also the most economical in the short term, but we would recommend against this type of cover for almost all homeowners due to its main disadvantage, algae! This is due to the type of weave and the amount of sunlight that penetrates the cover.  It may be the least expensive and the lightest cover to purchase but the headaches and ongoing chemical expenses outweigh the benefits in most cases.

The most popular safety cover that we install and the one we recommend the most is the ultra-mesh safety cover.  This is similar to the regular mesh but it has a heavier tighter woven mesh.  It is this weave which allows very little sunlight to get through allowing your pool to turn green.  The result is to open the pool with virtually no algae.  It is still lighter than any solid cover, but a little heavier than regular mesh.

After – Solid Safety cover

After – Solid Safety cover

All mesh covers generally stay cleaner than solid as the small dirt gets “washed off” by the rain.  They also dry totally when folded and placed in storage. Due to their lighter weight mesh covers are easier for homeowners to remove and install.  Warranties are also longer on mesh cover as they are made from polypropylene and not PVC (vinyl).  Vinyl degrades faster in the sunlight and will also get stiffer as it ages.

Solid safety covers are still quite popular among pool owners and they have advantages over mesh covers in that it is guaranteed to have no algae in the spring.  Light cannot penetrate a solid cover and therefore algae cannot grow.  It can be ordered with a center drain down the length of the pool or completely solid with an automatic cover pump.  When using an automatic cover pump to remove the water you will get almost no dirt or debris in the pool.  If there is a leaf problem the leaves tend to clog the pump up and require more attention over the winter. The downside to a solid safety cover is that they cost a little more, and the cover is much heavier than a mesh. Also the rain does not “wash the cover off” and the unattractive dirt marks left in the middle of the pool.  This dirt and debris may need to be cleaned manually.

When using a solid safety cover with a drain panel we only use a cover with a continuous drain the length of the cover.  APCO Pools prefers the long center drain versus other manufacturer’s covers who use square drains.  We have found that these covers are constantly getting water and debris trapped on top if they do not drain properly.  This type of safety cover allows the rain water to drain to right through the center drain area.  The leaves and debris easily dry off and blow away when the rain stops.  You may need to install an automatic pump underneath the cover to remove excess rain water if your pool requires it. This cover is also convenient when you have pets as they can run across the cover and not get soaking wet.

When APCO is finished installing your new safety cover you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.  You can now sit back and enjoy the view knowing that you pool is as safe as it looks. We’re experts at pool renovations, and we provide pool service to customers in Bucks County and Montgomery County. Contact us for additional information or to schedule an appointment for pool service or pool renovations.

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