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Swimming Pool Maintenance: How to Keep Your Pool Clean

Keeping your pool clean may be a pool owner’s most important responsibility. A dirty pool doesn’t just make for unpleasant swimming; if a pool gets dirty enough, it can damage vinyl pool liners and clog pumps and filters.

But don’t fret — swimming pool maintenance isn’t an impossible task, nor is it even very hard! Here’s what you have to keep an eye on.

The chemistry of your pool. Specifically, good pool service means maintaining the chlorine levels of your pool water. Too little chlorine, and your pool water won’t be clean enough. Too much, and it’ll be hard to swim in, stinging your eyes and tasting awful. Any pool supply store will sell test strips that allow you to determine whether the chlorine level in your pool is acceptable.

Algae growth. Algae is a type of microorganism that, if left unchecked, can make your pool water murky and cloudy. If you have algae, a good algaecide can eliminate it. But ideally you’ll want to prevent it from thriving in the first place. Keep your chlorine at reasonable levels. You can also use a “shock treatment” in your pool to make it hostile to algae. Swimming also helps; keeping your pool’s water in regular motion can prevent algae growth.

Acidity. The acidity in your pool is revealed in its pH balance, which can also be measured using test strips from the pool supply store. Your pool should have a pH level of about 7.2.

Hardness. Some municipal water supplies have hard water, meaning water that has too many chemicals like calcium or magnesium in it. Too much calcium can make pool liners brittle, so it’s important to use the proper water-softening chemicals to maintain its softness.

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